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Best Gifts for Golfers

If you have a friend who is a golf enthusiast and don’t know what kind of gift you should give him/her on a birthday or on other special days, then stop overwhelming yourself with different ideas. Just remember that if you love golf, you love it forever and any gift connected  to golfing would have been a great idea.  I will try to offer you some ideas to make your golfer friends happy with the “right” gifts.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors is the best game analyzer with 14 sensors and each of them are supposed to pair with each club. The shot-tracking system automatically analyzes every shot a golfer hits. With the help of artificial intelligence it offers you to consider the tour analytics and make smarter decisions in hitting the ball right way. Buyers are often attracted with Arccos Caddie’s durable battery which is meant to last at least 5 years. This gadget helps you identify the strengths and weaknesses the user has. This kind of gear has been “legalised” according to the rules of golf from 2017.

If the golfer that you’re choosing gift for is left handed, then getting him/her a left handed club set might be a good idea. I am not southpaw myself, so can’t recommend exact clubs. I think this GolfClubsGuru guide about buying best left-handed clubs will be a good start.

Those who love practicing and improving themselves to become a better player, it’s always a good idea to choose a gift which will help them developing their skills. Such kind of gift is Blast Motion Golf Sensor.  Blast motion sensor pairs with an app and instantly gives an information about your swing. This way it gives you an opportunity to train yourself more effectively based on the real data of your improvements rather than guesswork. The package you buy contains everything you need to use the device including charging pad with USB power cable and two rubber attachments for the device.  Blast Motion Golf Sensor is not really a good idea for the ones who is not keen on practicing and whose priority is just to hit some balls to have fun. You will be amazed by seeing how little the device is and despite its tiny size, it’s so effective and helpful.

If your friend loves travelling and goes on a trips to play golf, there is one thing you should definitely get him. This is Holderness and Bourne Byers Duffel Bag. This bag is a perfect combination of style and tradition and is for golf players who appreciate golf not only as a good sport but sees the beauty and style in it. This bag has an additional waterproof compartment for your golf shoes which makes the product even more convenient. Although it’s not really cheap, I think the quality and esthetics of Holderness and Bourne Byers Duffel Bag is worth spending some money.

There are many golf players around me. They are my friends and most of the times I’m getting confused about what to buy them on their birthdays or holidays. Everytime I tried anything besides golf equipment they got disappointed, however golf is life for them so if you also have such friend, then don’t spend much time thinking what kind of gift you should choose, directly start looking for a golf-themed present. In that case, I hope this article will help you a great deal.

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Succeed in high school as junior golfer

It’s been a long time since the last time i tried out for high school golf team, but i see a lot of kids asking questions about it, so i decided to share my experience as well. I’m in college now, and actually don’t play golf anymore, but believe it or not, i was quite good in my teenage years and regularly made it in my high school golf team. It wasn’t result of much practice, either. It’s just that my father is huge golf fanatic, and would take me along with him whenever he went to play. And i went, because i enjoy to play golf, and would be doing it now as well, if it wasn’t for my busy schedule. With part time work and studies, i just can’t find a spare time or money to get my own golf gear and visit nearest golf course. Back home, my dad bought me this great junior golf club set (second in this list of best juniors clubs by GolfClubsGuru), but i’ve grown and become too tall to play with those now. And don’t want to ask my dad for new one, as he’s already sacrificing a lot for me. But as soon as i graduate and get my life on track, i will definitely get back to my roots and start playing golf again.

 Now that we’ve covered my background, let’s get to the point. My first advice for junior trying out for high school golf team, would be to focus on your game. I know it sounds obvious, and it actually is obvious, but when most kids are in high school, they’re obsessed appearing perfect and fitting in. So you might have some technique that you use and is advantageous to your game, but might be tempted to give it up just because you’re the only one using it. Under no circumstances should you do that. Just do you. If others express curiosity about your style of game, explain what you’re doing and keep going, but never observe others and try to find things wrong with your style. That never ends up well. Although there’s fine line between what i advised before and not listening to any objections at all. And it’s going to take me long few pages to get through that, so i’ll let you define that line instead.

 And my second biggest tip would be to play for fun. Not for extracurricular achievements or whatever other goal you might have, but just for fun. Do your best at the tryouts, but just do it for the fun. It will help you stay relaxed during the game and keep your head cool, which will end up very beneficial for you. Having a static set of goals that you need to achieve in order to consider yourself successful is very stressful and will put you under a lot of pressure. Instead, i would advise to focus on doing your best whenever you can, and learning from your failures and enjoying your victories to the fullest. I think that’s the healthiest way to approach playing the sports in high school.

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How can you have fun without drinking?

Though we enjoy the occasional drink just as far as anybody it is great to see more booze-free drinks out there. In addition to ensuring you’re fresh as a daisy for the early morning run the following day, this new wave of carbonated beverages are for the most part much lower in calories compared to booze. Another round? Proceed.

Once upon a time, booze-free beer was either tasteless or completely disgusting, but you can now find all manner of fascinating alcohol-free baits about, by the recently established Heineken 0.0 into Brewdog’s punchy Nanny State.

Interestingly, when you just take out the alcohol, it ends up that beer can actually be quite good to you as well as being tasty. Containing B vitamins and folic acid, it can even serve as an isotonic post-workout drink. What’s not to love?

Fitbeer has managed it. This antiques craft lager is subtle and refreshing with a nice, rounded flavour. At only 66 calories per jar, it is not likely to mess up your diet either.

If you want a crisp, refreshing lager that’s easy on the palate, Heineken’s new alcohol-free option is easy drinking. And it’s just 69 calories a jar.

A dark ale that is surprisingly malty and hoppy, Brewdog Nanny State packs a punch in the colour department. At 0.5%, that is about as alcoholic as an overripe banana.

The non-drinker no longer need to select between carbonated Coke and warm orange juice due to this new wave of intriguing soft drinks and mixers on the industry.

If you discover most soft drinks overly candy, superior tonic water is a excellent choice.

A small producer of intriguing combined cordials and soft beverages, Square Root creates a wide range of beverages including Root Beer, flavoured tonics and seasonal specials like a rhubarb soda.

Touted as the first non-alcoholic soul, Seedlip is leading the way in the booze-free revolution. A distilled and carefully crafted mixture of flavoursome botanicals, it is a grown up drink which allows you to enjoy the cocktail hour encounter with no alcohol.

Uniquely flavoured and somehow gin-like as a result of this botanicals, it is sugar-free and comes in at only 0.02 calories per serving. Drink it with tonic water or within a cocktail for a sophisticated, booze-free night outside.

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