I’ve been a golfer for good 20+ years now, and the sheer number of people reviewing golf clubs has always surprised to me. To me, reviews are completely unnecessary. I think people should go into the store, start picking and trying golf club sets one by one, and finally pick one that they like the best. Whether it is the looks or material or anything else, i think the result is the same. Especially in modern age, basically all manufacturers make really good clubs, and it’s pretty hard to say any of the new golf club sets are bad. They are just different types of players, and for different heights, but you can find out about both of these issues by trying out the clubs at the store and having them made custom fit for your height. And one more thing – i think proper fit is the most important metric of all. I’ve seen guys who spent days and nights reading about golf gear and bunch of other tutorials on how to choose them, and when they finally pick something, it’s not their fit and their game suffers a lot. And that’s one of the reasons why i’m kind of turned off by whole review thing.


It’s not like i’ve seen any of these reviewers go like “this  X club is bad so don’t buy it, go for the Y club”. No, they always have to make it complicated – list minor details of X and all the tiny flaws it has, and same thing for Y club. But at the end of the day, you have to make a choice, and unless you are a matrix, you can’t process all this information to make proper decision. It’s not even worth trying, because it will get you super stressed and depressed in the end. Not to mention the opportunity cost – the time you waste on reading these reviews. Some people, who really like knowledge, can sit around for days finding the best product to buy. But that’s when their love of knowledge actually works against them, because in the time they spent on that, they could have created value in their fields of expertise, and gotten paid handsomely. So you can either buy a product which is good, but with few flaws, or spend days and nights trying to find a perfect product, golf club in this case, if such a thing even exists.

So i’ll leave you with this – simplicity is the key. I find Amazon’s review system to be very valuable because it’s super simple. I go on the site, search for what i want, and set ratings to 4.5 stars and above. Basically everything i get is high quality product, and i have only spent 3 minutes finding that out.